Need a way to identify your strengths and weaknesses to find which areas you need to target for improvement? Perform an internal Gap Assessment! 


A Gap Assessment is a formal activity in which strategic questions are asked to key personnel within an organization to gain insight into the strengths and weaknesses occurring internally.

Many companies struggle to recognize the need for a gap assessment and often lack the resources to conduct them effectively.  Although on the surface a gap assessment might seem like an easy thing to do, it is often difficult to execute. Success at an initial stage of a gap assessment is imperative in order to build momentum and leadership commitment internally.

Objectives of a Gap Assessment typically include: 

  • Establishing an internal perspective on the strengths and weaknesses which exist at the organization 
  • Identifying any gaps against internal and/or external requirements
  • Highlighting any notable practices that may be used as learning tools or starting points for other internal operations and processes
  • Supporting a consolidated analysis of the organizations collective programs, processes and behaviours

After an initial baseline gap assessment is conducted, it is key for leadership to review and prioritize the gaps found to identify key target areas for improvement. Once these priority areas are identified, it is crucial to continue to monitor progress against the gaps through a consistent and well established performance management. 

A Gap Assessment will often include the following topics: 

  1. Leadership and Culture 
  2. Planning and Organization 
  3. Risk Management
  4. Health, Safety and Incident Management 
  5. Environmental Management 
  6. Regulatory Compliance 
  7. Finance 
  8. Supply Chain and Procurement 
  • Technical Management (includes engineering, operations, maintenance, Management of Change) 
  • Information Management 
  • Contractor Management 
  • Emergency Management
  • Assurance and Performance
  • Management Review (Continuous Improvement) 


Topics and their naming are tailored as per the specific terms used internally within the organization to ensure consistency. Regardless of naming, identifying what works and what doesn't work across topics such as the above is important in understanding where to leverage skills and lessons from and where to focus improvements.  


Understanding your organizations strengths and weaknesses is the first step to improving performance and working towards continuous improvement.

Alex Eddington, Principal, SPAN Consulting

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"Our clients are often shy to speak publicly, but I can say that they commonly rave about our people and how easy we are to work with. As an owner I am proud to claim that we have a 100% client satisfaction rate and I encourage you to ask for references to hear those stories for yourself."


Principal and Owner, SPAN Consulting

"Our member companies were concerned that their information could be unsecure, and we were concerned we couldn't scale up our systems as our programs grow; we are solving both by implementing Octane."


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Case studies and resources


We have created a list of best practices for you to consider when planning a gap assessment. 

Download Top 10 Best Practices

Whitepaper: Implementing API RP 1173 - How to get started

We have created this introductory Whitepaper to explain the basics of API RP 1173 and enable you to get started.

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A sample of our specialists

Tom Lofthouse

Senior Consultant

Tom Lofthouse

Senior Consultant

Tom Lofthouse - Senior Consultant


Tom is an Operational risk and assurance specialist with 20 years of experience developing and managing EH&S assurance programs, management systems and compliance projects.


Industry experience includes pipeline, midstream and upstream oil & gas, mining, manufacturing, power generation and major construction projects across the United States and Canada.

Heather Donaldson


Heather Donaldson


Heather Donaldson - Consultant

Heather has been active in the environmental sector for the past 10 years with experience in environmental assessments, project management and technical communications.


Industry experience includes commercial, industrial, pipeline, midstream and upstream oil & gas projects throughout Western Canada.

Evan Baker

Assurance Practice Lead | Senior Consultant

Evan Baker

Assurance Practice Lead | Senior Consultant

Evan Baker - Assurance Practice Lead, Senior Consultant


An Environmental, Regulatory and Assurance Systems specialist with 30 years experience developing and managing audit and assurance programs, management systems, environmental impact assessments and applications, and leading environmental teams, programs and projects.


His work has included oil and gas, pipelines, water and wastewater plants, rail, power plants, wind energy, and chemical industries in Canada, the US, Europe and South America.

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