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The Pipeline SMS toolkit includes 7 key components: 



1. Leadership Policy

We provide a Pipeline Safety Management System Policy template that defines Leadership's commitments to the Pipeline SMS, zero incidents, compliance and other key components typically contained in a Policy. The Policy is the cornerstone of Leadership commitment, is a requirement of API RP1173 and is expected by regulators.  

We provide you the template and make initial edits to add your branding and align it your organization. You can then edit the template yourself, review it with Leadership and approve it as your own.

We also provide a template Leadership Awareness presentation that you can use to help communicate about the Pipeline SMS and Policy.


2. Pipeline SMS Manual

We provide a complete Pipeline SMS Manual template that describes all parts of the Pipeline Safety Management System including the Leadership Policy, how the PSMS works, key roles and accountabilities, and the processes needed to implement the Pipeline SMS and meet requirements specified by API RP1173. 

We work with you to add your branding and make initial edits to align the manual with your organization.  Like with the Policy, you can then edit the template yourself, review it with Leadership and approve it as your own.

The Leadership Awareness presentation is also very helpful to communicate about the Pipeline SMS Manual to Leadership and others to support its adoption. 



3. Pipeline SMS Framework Mapped to RP1173

We provide a complete Pipeline SMS Framework template that defines the Elements and Expectations of your Pipeline SMS. This simple Framework template has been designed to align with common pipeline operations and activities, and uses terminology familiar to most operators. The Framework is provided in the Octane software ready for use and easily editable to better align with your organization. If you have an existing Framework, it can be used instead. 

In Octane we map the individual requirements of API RP1173 to the framework so you have direct data connectivity between your Pipeline SMS and can show how your system and assessment data conforms with all API RP1173 requirements.   If desired, we also map your Pipeline SMS Framework to relevant sections of CFR 192 or 195 in Octane to show how your Pipeline SMS conforms with associated regulatory requirements.


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4. Pipeline SMS Activity Calendar

We provide a Pipeline SMS Activity Calendar based on our proven Pipeline SMS implementation process that provides an execution plan and calendar for implementing required Pipeline SMS activities. The Calendar includes descriptions and guidance of tasks to undertake, reporting requirements and frequencies, and meetings to schedule. We even include meeting agendas, objectives and required outcomes so you can easily perform the activities you need. 

We review the Calendar with you and make any updates you require to align it with your organization. You can then start executing your Pipeline SMS right away!



5. Pipeline SMS Processes

There are three key processes that a Pipeline SMS requires to function, and that API RP1173 requires, that don't typically exist in most organizations: Assessment, Gaps and Actions Management, and Management Review. 

We provide template process documents for these three processes so you can easily plan and execute them as part of your Pipeline SMS implementation. The timing of these processes is included in the Pipeline SMS Calendar. 




6. Training

We provide training for you and your team throughout the Pipeline SMS Toolkit on-boarding. This training includes 1:1 sessions during the kickoff meeting and subsequent template review meetings. We also provide Octane administrator and user training to make sure you are fully up to speed and know how to use your Pipeline SMS Toolkit and Octane from day 1. In addition to your main Octane instance, we provide you with your own Octane Test instance that you can use for ongoing training and testing without messing around with your live data.


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7. OCTANE Continuous Improvement Tool

The heart of the Pipeline SMS Toolkit is Octane. You will use Octane to house your Pipeline SMS Framework, map your Framework to API RP1173 and CFR requirements, conduct assessments, rate your maturity, identify gaps and track actions. All of this data is stored in a secure cloud-based application that is available to you 24/7 through any web browser.

In addition to setting up your Framework, mapping to API RP1173 and CFRs and getting you ready for assessments, we can also migrate any existing gap assessment or audit data into Octane.     

Octane is highly configurable and has custom labelling available so you can change the names of almost anything in the app to align with terminology you use in your organization. 





Conduct Assessments, Identify Gaps and Create Corrective Actions

Octane Assessments  Octane Gaps  Octane Actions



Complete Actions, Close Gaps and Report Maturity

Octane Gap Trends   Octane Maturity Trends




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