pipeline Safety Management SYstems

Pipeline Safety Management System

Implementing a Pipeline Safety Management System to meet API RP 1173 OR CSA Z-662 will help you operate safer and be more compliant


SPAN, the implementation experts that specialize in Pipeline Safety Management Systems. We provide leading experience as well as our Octane software to help implement PSMS, enhance compliance, enable continuous improvement and drive measured pipeline safety performance.

SPAN has collaborated with an expert software design company to create Octane, a cloud-based software tool that helps you implement and sustain your management system.


Download SPAN's White Paper on implementing API RP 1173


Implementing API RP 1173 or CSA Z662 in your Company


If you already have policies and procedures to manage risks and execute your operations, you already have a Management System. API RP 1173 or CSA Z662 just goes a little further by expecting you to prove you have everything needed for a complete pipeline safety management system and to show you are improving performance.

SPAN has an efficient, cost effective way of helping you meet API RP 1173 and CSA Z662. Through our proven implementation method, you will know what you've got, what you're missing, and what you're doing about it.

With our Octane software we help you assess your current situation, build a plan, track progress and drive improvement, using an intuitive, secure platform. No more lost spreadsheets and emails when your boss or the regulator come knocking.

Implementing API RP 1173 for the Pipeline Industry


Significant effort and cost goes into designing and operating programs for industry members. SPAN has combined our experience in implementing management systems, our knowledge of API RP 1173 and other standards, and our proven Octane Hub software to provide a single solution for associations and regulators to implement a successful industry-wide program. 

Octane is intuitive and secure for both the association and member companies to use. The association and member companies can see results in real time and are able to benchmark themselves anonymously. All of this is achieved in a single secure environment significantly reducing the need for staffing and eliminating the risk of data loss or theft from spreadsheets and email. 


Plains All AmericanI'm glad we have Octane. I can't imagine doing these assessments with a spreadsheet.

Mark Gorman, EVP, Plains All American Pipeline


Canadian Energy Pipeline AssociationOur member companies were concerned that their information could be unsecure, and we were concerned we couldn't scale up our systems as our programs grow; we are solving both by implementing Octane.

Patrick Smyth, VP Performance, CEPA

Download the PAA Case Study
Download the CEPA Case Study