Implementing a Pipeline SMS will help you mitigate risks, manage compliance and improve safety


SPAN specializes in the design and implementation of Pipeline Safety Management Systems. A Pipeline SMS is a specific type of Management System for companies that construct and operate oil and gas pipelines and facilities.   

SPAN provides an end-to-end solution for the design and implementation of a Pipeline SMS based on based on the API's industry standard "API RP 1173 Pipeline Safety Management Systems" and other recognized regulations and standards:

  • Initial gap assessments and leadership awareness sessions
  • Mapping regulatory requirements and standards to the management system
  • Design of management system requirements, processes and roles and responsibilities
  • Company-wide implementation, training, assessment and continuous improvement
  • Ongoing support for enhancing the management system to drive continuous improvement and performance. 

"We’ve come to realize that safety management systems are crucial to long term success and attaining the goals that the public and most of the operators and industry have demanded, which is zero incidents."

U.S. Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA)




SPAN has designed a Pipeline SMS Toolkit to accelerate API RP1173 implementation

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The new Pipeline SMS Toolkit has been designed for companies relatively new to Management Systems who want to accelerate their implementation and have a fully functioning Pipeline SMS in a matter of months. The toolkit is a package of templates and our Octane software, supported by training and coaching.

With Octane it helps you conform with API RP1173, align with CFR regulations and demonstrate implementation progress in real time.  






Why Implement a Pipeline Safety Management System?

A Pipeline SMS is an integrated set of requirements, responsibilities and business processes that will continuously improve performance and help you achieve your goals. We find most companies have many overlapping goals that can all be addressed by the Management System:

  • Incident prevention
  • Enhanced safety culture
  • Risk identification and management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Operational performance
  • Organization collaboration
  • Stakeholder management


Implementing API RP 1173 In Your Company

You already have many policies, processes and procedures required for a Management System, so many of the Pipeline SMS building blocks will be in place. SPAN helps you take what you've got and align it with the requirements of API RP 1173. We then help you put a robust implementation plan in place following our proven 4-Stage Implementation Process to ensure your Pipeline SMS gets implemented correctly. 

SPAN's proven 4-Stage Implementation Process provides an efficient and cost effective way to implement API RP 1173. We provide you the process and then guide you through each step to implement your Pipeline Safety Management System.


Capturing and Managing your Pipeline SMS Data

A key component of our implementation process is the use of Octane, our Pipeline SMS implementation tool. Octane is used to conduct gap assessments in a collaborative way with your teams, and then manage the workflow of gaps and actions to ensure improvements are made. Octane's robust reporting and analytics also allow you to see and report on Management System performance in real time without the need for time consuming spreadsheet work. Without Octane you run the risk of accidentally losing or contaminating valuable data or breeching company data security requirements which is commonplace with spreadsheets and email.



Our Management System services cater to your company no matter what stage of development you're at. We find that all companies need to go through the same fundamental steps, which we guide you through and customize to meet your needs. 

James Ullyott, Management Systems Practice Lead, SPAN

What our clients say

"Our member companies were concerned that their information could be unsecure, and we were concerned we couldn't scale up our systems as our programs grow; we are solving both by implementing Octane."


VP Performance, CEPA - Canadian Energy Pipeline Association

"Our clients are often shy to speak publicly, but I can say that they commonly rave about our people and how easy we are to work with. As an owner I am proud to claim that we have a 100% client satisfaction rate and I encourage you to ask for references to hear those stories for yourself."


Principal and Owner, SPAN Consulting

"I'm glad we have Octane. I can't imagine doing these assessments with a spreadsheet."


EVP - Plains All American Pipeline

Case studies and resources

Plains All American Management System Implementation

Plains All American uses Octane to accelerate implementation of its API RP 1173 Pipeline Safety Management System.

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SPAN's Top 10 Gap Assessment Best Practices for API
RP 1173

We have created a list of best practices to make sure you get the maximum value out of your API RP 1173 Gap Assessment.

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Implementing a Pipeline Safety Management System in field operations

In 2015 Plains Midstream Canada implemented their Management System across all field operations. 

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A Business Case for Successful Management System Implementation

Learn what’s required to be successful, and how to avoid common failures that can cost you success.

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Implementing a Pipeline Safety Management System - Brochure

Learn about the 4-stage implementation process and how to get working on your Pipeline SMS whatever stage you are at.  

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Whitepaper: Implementing API RP 1173 - How to get started

We have created this introductory Whitepaper to explain the basics of API RP 1173 and enable you to get started.

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A sample of our specialists

James Ullyott

Management System Practice Lead

James Ullyott

Management System Practice Lead

Ten years experience in consulting, focused on process development and management system design and implementation for large organizations in the pipeline, midstream and upstream oil and gas industries.


James approaches business problems from a technical perspective, and has a passion for ensuring the solution is practical, fits the business environment, and produces defined business value.


He has worked on large OMS, program and process implementations, including providing technical input to design and managing the needs of multiple stakeholders. In changing business environments, he has adapted to ensure objectives are met.

Scott Wilson

Principal & Senior Implementation Expert

Scott Wilson

Principal & Senior Implementation Expert

Twenty years of experience in the program/project management and management consulting fields, specializing in designing & executing large scale programs with challenging change management and culture aspects.


Scott has led multiple large scale OMS implementations and has structured high performance service teams to sustain management systems.


Sectors include Midstream and Upstream Oil & Gas, Mining, Telecom, Information Technology and Utilities.

Evan Baker

Assurance Practice Lead & PSMS Auditor

Evan Baker

Assurance Practice Lead & PSMS Auditor

An Environmental, Regulatory and Assurance Systems specialist with 30 years experience developing and managing audit and assurance programs, management systems, environmental impact assessments and applications, and leading environmental teams, programs and projects.


His work has included oil and gas, pipelines, water and wastewater plants, rail, power plants, wind energy, and chemical industries in Canada, the US, Europe and South America.

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