A Gap Assessment is the starting point - A Management System is so much more! 


Operator Challenge

You’ve completed a gap assessment – now what? If you're feeling stuck or unsure of the next move, you're not alone.

Joey began addressing gaps post-assessment. However, what Joey didn't realize is that this alone doesn't constitute a complete Management System and it won't secure Leadership's full support.

Getting Stuck

Joey faced challenges—despite making progress and addressing gaps, the path forward became unclear. Leadership remained unconvinced, other managers and supervisors clung to old habits, and employees were left in the dark about the Management System. Something was missing. But what?

Enter the SPAN MS Toolkit. The toolkit contains a Management System Manual, which Joey used to identify the essential activities for successfully implementing the management system and provided a platform for Leadership to demonstrate and communicate their commitment to integrating the management system across business operations.

But is a Manual necessary?

You might be asking why you need a manual. It seems like a lot of work. But it doesn't have to be with SPAN's fill in the blank template. 

A manual is your ticket to proving compliance to various regulators

The manual defines roles, responsibilities, and triggers critical processes for sustaining and improving the system over time. The Manual defines gaps and actions to ensure compliance and conformance to the Management System. It also describes how the system will integrate with the organization, states Leadership’s commitment to implementing and supporting the management system, alignment with compliance requirements and ensures effective risk management. These principles are key to driving improved safety performance and improving the maturity of the operation.

Ultimately, the Manual contained in the MS Toolkit  provides the foundation to properly implement and sustain the MS long-term - just what Joey needed for his organization. As a result of the MS Manual, Joey gained traction in addressing gaps, but he also witnessed a shift in leadership engagement. The manual provided a clear roadmap for the entire organization, allowing Joey to easily communicate and demonstrate their commitment to the management system. The newfound clarity resonated throughout the business, sparking a change in the behaviors of managers, supervisors, and employees alike. Joey's success illustrates the transformative power of a MS Manual, turning challenges into opportunities for sustained growth, compliance, and operational excellence.

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