Show how your Management System meets multiple regulations and standards and adds extra value


Mapping the different regulations and standards your Management System needs to meet is critical for prioritizing design and implementation activities. Once mapped, you can use your Management System data in Octane, including gaps and improvement actions, to show conformance and compliance to different sets of requirements. This significantly reduces the amount of audits and assessments you need to conduct to provide those results.  


Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 3-04-26 PMENHANCE YOUR COMPLIANCE COVERAGE

When you map your compliance requirements to your management system and programs, you can immediately see the level of compliance coverage your management system and programs provide. Octane Mapping provides reports and dashboards that show you which requirements are fully covered, partially covered and where there is no coverage all in real-time at the click of a button.


Instead of doing a new audit for every new set of requirements that comes along, Octane Mapping enables you to map new requirements to your existing audit and assessment frameworks and shows these relationships in existing protocols, reports and dashboards. Octane Mapping can even provide a separate report for each set of requirements at the click of a button, easily identifying where audit coverage has been achieved and where gaps still exist when Managers or Regulators come knocking.



Your existing audit and assessment data is being wasted when it’s used only one time. Octane Mapping can use existing audit and assessment data to report results against brand new requirements without doing a new audit! The mapping relationship connects these requirements together and all existing audit and assessment information can be reported against the new requirements at the click of a button. The report also shows where you don’t have assurance, immediately identifying gaps in your program that may require additional work, saving the need to do a completely new audit or assessment.




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Our Octane Requirements Mapping is an industry first. We now offer clients the ability to map requirements from different standards and regulations to their Management System. Then they can use their Management System audit or assessment data to show conformance with all other requirements! This provides incredible value that has not been possible before. 

Scott Wilson, Principal and Founder, SPAN and Octane

What our clients say

"I'm glad we have Octane. I can't imagine doing these assessments with a spreadsheet."


EVP - Plains All American Pipeline

"Our member companies were concerned that their information could be unsecure, and we were concerned we couldn't scale up our systems as our programs grow; we are solving both by implementing Octane."


VP Performance, CEPA - Canadian Energy Pipeline Association

Case studies and resources

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This video demonstrates Octane Mapping, an industry first that allows you to link multiple sets of regulatory requirements and standards to your Management System.

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Pipeline Industry Improving Performance with Octane software

CEPA has successfully implemented its performance indicator and Integrity First programs into Octane’s secure software. It has enabled significant improvements in how CEPA uses data to understand industry performance and prioritize improvement efforts. 

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Plains All American Management System Implementation

Plains All American uses Octane to accelerate implementation of its API RP 1173 Pipeline Safety Management System.

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This video demonstrates how Octane can be used to enable your Management System and improve performance and collaboration in record time.

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A sample of our specialists

Scott Wilson


Scott Wilson


Scott Wilson - Principal, Co-Founder, Management System Expert 


Twenty years of experience in the program/project management and management consulting fields, specializing in designing & executing large scale programs with challenging change management and culture aspects.


Scott has led multiple large scale management system implementations and has structured high performance service teams to sustain management systems.


Sectors include Midstream and Upstream Oil & Gas, Mining, Telecom, Information Technology and Utilities.

Nolan Sontag

Octane Product Manager

Nolan Sontag

Octane Product Manager

Nolan Sontag - Octane Product Manager


Nolan is the Product Manager for our Octane software and is responsible for the design, development and maintenance of our software toolkit.


Nolan has been the product manager, solution architect and business analysis for numerous enterprise applications to support enhanced performance and efficiency in business environments. 


Nolan works closely with our implementation consultants and clients to ensure Octane is successful in achieving the desired results. 


James Ullyott

Management System Practice Lead

James Ullyott

Management System Practice Lead

James Ullyott - Management System Practice Lead, Senior Consultant


Ten years experience in consulting, focused on process development and management system design and implementation for large organizations in the pipeline, midstream and upstream oil and gas industries.


James approaches business problems from a technical perspective, and has a passion for ensuring the solution is practical, fits the business environment, and produces defined business value.


He has worked on large OMS, program and process implementations, including providing technical input to design and managing the needs of multiple stakeholders. In changing business environments, he has adapted to ensure objectives are met.

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