Forget unsecure spreadsheets and countless audits! Show how you meet requirements and know your gaps in real time.


Octane’s new innovative Mapping software module enables you to map numerous regulatory requirements and standards to your management system and programs. Then use existing audit and assessment data to create real-time reports and dashboards to show compliance against brand new requirements.

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Enhance Your Compliance Coverage

When you map your compliance requirements to your management system and programs, you can immediately see the level of compliance coverage your management system and programs provide. Octane Mapping provides reports and dashboards that show you which requirements are fully covered, partially covered and where there is no coverage all in real-time at the click of a button.


Perform Less Audits and Assessments

Instead of doing a new audit for every new set of requirements that comes along, Octane Mapping enables you to map new requirements to your existing audit and assessment frameworks and shows these relationships in existing protocols, reports and dashboards. Octane Mapping can even provide a separate report for each set of requirements at the click of a button, easily identifying where audit coverage has been achieved and where gaps still exist when Managers or Regulators come knocking.


Provide Assurance on New Requirements Using Existing Audit and Assessment Data

Your existing audit and assessment data is being wasted when it’s used only one time. Octane Mapping can use existing audit and assessment data to report results against brand new requirements without doing a new audit! The mapping relationship connects these requirements together and all existing audit and assessment information can be reported against the new requirements at the click of a button. The report also shows where you don’t have assurance, immediately identifying gaps in your program that may require additional work, saving the need to do a completely new audit or assessment.

Watch the new Octane Mapping functionality in action!

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