Elevate your business with a sustainability strategy  

The push for sustainability and adherence to Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) principles has been growing across all industries.

While the concept of ESG isn’t new or particularly challenging, the speed with which stakeholders are demanding implementation is a challenge for today’s businesses. To add complexity, companies are not only being asked to manage today’s risks but also to have plans in place to continually address risks as they arise. 

We understand it can be a big ask for your company to carve out time to grasp, understand and interpret what stakeholders are asking for. Then more time is required to plan out how to address the risks and embed those plans in your company’s culture. Which framework should you follow? Are there any regulations that are currently impacting your company, or soon will?



At SPAN, we believe:

  • Sustainability is a lasting business practice, not a fleeting trend. 
  • Embedding sustainability and ESG principles into business systems ensures continued compliance, growth, and success.
  • Early adopters are rewarded.
  • Sustainable businesses stay in business.

Whether you’re driven to comply with current or future regulations, establish a competitive advantage, manage risk, meet stakeholder demand, or improve brand reputation, we can help. 



Similar to our approach to management systems, we understand that one size does not fit all. Our team can collaborate with you to: 

  • Tailor sustainability to fit your business model.
  • Assess and equip your business to meet current and future regulatory requirements.
  • Explore ways to embed ESG principles into your business.
  • Leverage sustainability as a strategic advantage.
  • Build and foster a sustainability culture.

We translate sustainability and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) requirements and disclosures into simple, relatable concepts and support your company in adopting them for your continued growth and success.






Learn more about our proven 4-stage implementation process and how we leverage it to create a sustainability strategy for your company. 

We work with you to understand what you’re currently doing, understand your current pressures, and present and future risks.

The collected information is used to identify new opportunities for your company. Understanding where you are allows us to provide the best recommendations on which disclosure standards are the best for you. Furthermore, we demonstrate how the disclosure standards interact and overlap with other regulations you’re already complying with through mapping. Mapping then informs your data collection requirements. Chances are, you’re already collecting the data you need for disclosures and don’t know it yet.  

Implementation can be challenging. SPAN has the experience and strategies to help adopt change. We work alongside you and provide guidance to handle any resistance. 

Before we part ways, we ensure you are equipped to continually improve and improve your sustainability efforts. We are always available for questions and support, long after our initial engagement - just give us a call!

SPAN has helped countless organizations align their existing policies, strategies, processes, practices, and metrics to regulations and standards. Check out our clients page to learn more.

Companies have followed our custom roadmaps, integrated work plans and improvement actions to achieve success.  

Contact us today to explore opportunities to create a sustainable future for your business.


Sustainability is here to stay. Broaden your risk management scope, meet stakeholder expectations and elevate your business profile with a custom strategy.

Heather Donaldson, Consultant

What our clients say

"Thanks for all your help! I think [SPAN] did an excellent job and this was my best audit experience so far."

Supervisor, Leak Detection Systems

Midstream Pipeline Company

"Our member companies were concerned that their information could be unsecure, and we were concerned we couldn't scale up our systems as our programs grow; we are solving both by implementing Octane."

VP Performance

Pipeline Association


SPAN Sustainability Implementation
Learn more about how we approach implementing your custom strategy. 


Overview of Sustainability Standards

Learn more about the sustainability standards your business may be subject to.


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