Building and maintaining Leadership commitment for your Pipeline SMS is the biggest challenge 


Bill is exhausted. He's constantly grappling with issues related to performance, resourcing, and compliance across the organization. He's trying to accomplish more with limited time, resources and budget. He recognizes that the conventional "cause and effect" approach is falling short in the complex modern business landscape. Bill sees a management system as a potential solution but is having trouble securing Leadership commitment.


Why is it so difficult?

Describing to Leadership what a Management System is, and how it works, can be an extremely difficult task. "It's this tool aiding us in handling risks, meeting compliance, and enhancing operations to achieve zero incidents." While it sounds promising, the concept remains abstract without tangible experience.

It's like trying to explain your corporate culture. 

How it can go off the rails

Bill recently completed a gap assessment to identify key issues facing the business - seemingly a step in the right direction However, the results and subsequent actions got mixed in with other company priorities, and were forgotten. The concept of a management system and an ongoing process of implementation and improvement was never fully understood or embedded.


Leadership stopped paying attention until the Regulator turned up

The management system vanished from Leadership's radar until the regulator appeared, posing tough questions. Leadership couldn't showcase the system or demonstrate implementation progress. The Regulator demanded a comprehensive management system process, not just a list of gaps and actions. What does that entail? 

Hint: visit our MS Toolkit page to learn how you can always be prepared for visits from regulators.


Getting Leadership back on track

Bill and his team started using the MS Toolkit presenting a holistic approach that captures the ongoing tasks and activities of a fully functional system. He showcased how the toolkit made designing a management system as easy as filling in the blanks. The tangible representation revived commitment and accelerated implementation.

Enabling Leaders to be successful

Bill facilitated an awareness presentation for leadership explaining the management system, and demonstrated the simplicity of filling in a templated Policy and Manual. He also clearly described the 2-year implementation process and related tasks with SPAN's MS Calendar. It was so easy as everything he needed was included in the MS Toolkit. Impressed by how the system framework aligned with requirements, Bill's company adopted the Octane Continuous Improvement Tool to compile gap closure, performance, and improvement data.

In a matter of weeks, Leadership could showcase their management system, articulate it to regulators, and exhibit implementation progress. Nothing fosters commitment faster than having the right tools to accomplish the task at hand!

Ready to take the next step? Explore the SPAN MS Toolkit