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Dive into our collection of real-world scenarios and discover how our solutions have empowered businesses to overcome challenges, achieve goals, and drive meaningful results. You might find just the inspiration you need for your own journey!


Designing and Implementing a Custom Operational Audit Program

An operational audit program is not just a checkbox on a corporate to-do list; it is a lifeline that safeguards an organization's success and sustainability. 

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Evaluating and Enhancing a Risk Management Program

Effective risk management empowers companies to identify, assess, and mitigate potential threats, turning them into opportunities for growth.

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Evaluating Management Systems for Long Term Success

 A management system assessment provides an opportunity to identify strengths and weaknesses within the organization's current management practices, while peer benchmarking allows for a comparison with other companies in the industry to determine best practices and areas for improvement.

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Implementing a Pipeline Safety Management System in field operations

In 2015 Plains Midstream Canada implemented their Management System across all field operations. 

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Pipeline Industry Improving Performance with Octane software

CEPA has successfully implemented its performance indicator and Integrity First programs into Octane’s secure web-based application. It has enabled significant improvements in how CEPA uses data to understand industry performance and prioritize improvement efforts. 

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Plains All American Management System Implementation

Plains All American uses Octane to accelerate implementation of its API RP 1173 Pipeline Safety Management System.

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We hope you find these case studies helpful. We see a lot of different approaches to Management Systems and programs out there and we hope through experiences we've gained across our network we can bring new ideas to your projects! 

Scott Wilson, Principal, SPAN

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