Simplify your management system implementation.

Say goodbye to the days of agonizing decision-making over what to prioritize or how to best inform your annual budget planning. No more discussions over band-aid solutions to recurring problems. Rely on a system to guide you.

Our fill-in-the blank templates helps you achieve your business goals faster.





Your time is limited.


From daily responsibilities, to tackling new challenges, identifying opportunities, and driving initiatives - we understand you're busy. Budgets are limited, time is limited and resources are limited. You may be tired of putting out the same fire over and over again.

You're constantly striving to achieve more with fewer resources. It's exhausting. 

You understand the complexities of the modern business environment, and the many internal and external influences affecting your operations. You may be seeking a holistic and interconnected solution that doesn't add strain to your limited resources, but will help make things run smoother so you can focus in your day job. 

You're in the right place. 


Your business doesn't have a brain.

Let's build one. 

Your business is filled with brilliant minds that all have their own drivers and goals. Your business itself however, it doesn't have a brain. It can't tell you what is important or what needs to happen next to reach the goals laid out for it. How can you be sure you're tackling the right problems in the right priority?

The SPAN management system toolkit will help you build a custom system to create your organizational brain. 

Our collection of tools are templated to make building your management system as easy as filling in the blanks. It offers remote implementation, online accessibility, and flexibility for after work engagements – all at a cost that may pleasantly surprise you. 

Many of our clients have succeeded using our proven approach. We are making it available for you to use without the expensive consulting fees.

Are you ready to trade in confusion for clarity?








1. Leadership Policy

Ever try to create something new without a guide? It’s challenging, you’re not sure you’re doing right. You lean on your previous experience and knowledge but it’s slow, difficult, and full of second guessing. We don’t recommend starting off your management system journey in the same way. 

Before beginning a transformative journey, start with a guiding policy – a north star if you will. SPAN has developed a single page Management System Policy template that speaks to Leadership’s current commitments and key outcomes for the organization. The Policy is the foundation of Leadership commitment. Government regulators expect a policy for your organization to be established and implemented - at a minimum. 

SPAN provides the template and works with you to make initial edits, adding your branding and aligning it to your organization. Over time, you can refine the template, review it with Leadership and approve it as your own. To aid in spreading the awareness of the Policy, SPAN also provides a templated Leadership Awareness presentation. You can use it to support communicating the policy and management system journey to stakeholders.

2. Management System Manual

Building off the policy – the north star for your organization – is an instruction manual to bring it to life. The Manual describes all parts of the Management System. It includes the Leadership Policy, how your system works, the key roles, accountabilities for each role, and the processes required to implement and maintain the system. SPAN works with you to add your branding. You will adjust the template yourself, review it with your Leadership, and approve it as your own.

Don't start from scratch, let us provide you with a proven template that has worked for countless other organizations.

Hint: Management system manuals are your ticket to proving compliance with different regulators


3. Management System Framework 

The Management System Framework is your collection of mapped requirements.  Say goodbye to managing different regulations and internal expectations individually. The management system framework integrates all internal and external requirements into a complete customized single source. 

Imagine understanding how you can meet several requirements from different regulations with a single document. 

Our template provides common elements and activities and uses terminology familiar to most industries. Your framework is customized to the individual requirements your organization is obligated (or chooses) to meet. Requirements are often specified by regulators, industry associations and standards organizations such as the API, CER, ABSA, ISO and more. But requirements can also include industry or company specific ways of doing business.  If you have an existing Framework you wish to use, it can be accommodated. 

The initial framework is provided in our Octane software. It is ready for use and easily editable to best align with your organization. Once you’re satisfied with the mapping, the framework is an input the MS Manual. 




4. Management System Activity Calendar

A common question we get when it comes to designing and implementing a management system is how long will this take? We understand you’d like to see results quickly, we want that for you too! But you must remember this is a change. A systematic, organizational wide change. You can’t expect it to happen immediately.

To help guide your planning and manage expectations, we’ve developed a management system activity calendar based on our proven implementation process. The calendar provides an executable implementation plan including descriptions and guidance of tasks, meetings to schedule, reporting requirements and frequencies. We include meeting agendas, objectives and required outcomes to easily perform the activities you need.

We review the Calendar with you and make any updates you require to align it with your organizational culture. You can then start executing your management system right away!

Talk about a step by step roadmap to get where you want to be!


5. Management System Processes

Are you familiar with the three key processes that  typically exist in most organizations? We'll let you in the secret.

  • Assessment

  • Gaps and actions management

  • Management review

Organizations that conduct these processes are top performers. Could you be next?

SPAN provides templated documents for each of these processes. Easily plan and execute these processes as part of your implementation, with timings conveniently included in the Activity Calendar. 


6. Training

Our tools are fill in the blank, but we understand that sometimes you need a little extra help or guidance to find the answers. When you're so focused on the day-to-day it can be challenging to see the bigger picture. We get it.

That's why, as part of the toolkit, SPAN offers training during onboarding and template review meetings. From 1:1 sessions during kickoff to Octane administrator and user training, we ensure you and your team are well-equipped for success. 

In addition to your main Octane instance, we provide you with your own Octane Test instance that you can use for ongoing training and testing without impacting your live data.




7. OCTANE Continuous Improvement Tool

At the heart of the Toolkit lies Octane - an all-encompassing tool mapping your framework to regulatory requirements. Octane is also used to conduct assessments, rate maturity, identify gaps, track actions, and securely store data in a cloud-based application accessible 24/7.

Have previous assessments you want included? No problem, we can migrate this information in. Octane is highly configurable with custom labeling options to align to your organization.

Enjoy customization without compromise.





Conduct Assessments, Identify Gaps and Create Corrective Actions

Octane Assessments  Octane Gaps  Octane Actions



Complete Actions, Close Gaps and Report Maturity

Octane Gap Trends   Octane Maturity Trends




  • American Petroleum Institute
  • Gibson Energy
  • Phillips 66
  • Canada Energy Regulator


  • Plains All American Pipeline
  • British Columbia Oil & Gas Commission
  • Cenovus Energy
  • Emera


  • Husky Energy
  • Repsol
  • Agrium
  • Keyera Midstream


  • BC Hydro
  • Canadian Energy Pipeline Association
  • Zellstoff Celgar
  • Capstone Mining


  • Suncor Energy
  • Inter Pipeline
  • Meg Energy
  • Plains Midstream Canada


  • Wipro
  • WSP
  • Pembina
  • SAIT


  • Whitecap
  • ARC Logo
  • Cardinal Energy
  • Canfor


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