Know your risks are being managed with effective Operational Audits and an integrated Assurance Program.

SPAN's assurance services are risk-based, resource-optimized and aligned with stakeholder needs.

From field operations to the corporate office, SPAN’s integrated approach validates and verifies that operational performance is being achieved, risks are being mitigated and commitments are being met. Executives and Board Members demand clear line of sight into your organization. To meet this demand, SPAN designs, implements and embeds operational audit and assurance programs to ensure the right information is available for accurate reporting. 

A cornerstone of any top performing company is the ability to verify operational performance and management system effectiveness over time and continually eradicate gaps in operational processes that can lead to failures. Advanced engineering and technology solutions are effective in preventing failures, but incidents do still occur. Major incident investigations continually identify that the root cause of incidents are often breakdowns in processes and human interactions over time.

Managing and reducing risk is a critical component of all organizations. An effective assurance program helps you identify risks and prevents failures from happening, or happening again in some circumstances. The most effective way to prevent incidents is to have the right mechanisms to identify and track areas of improvement. We help organizations leverage existing data, and set up systems to collect new data to manage risk, improve employee performance and drive continuous improvement. Partnering with SPAN is a proactive step towards safeguarding your business's success.

“A number of past CSB investigations have found companies focusing on personal injury rates while virtually overlooking looming process safety issues – like the effectiveness of barriers against hazardous releases, automatic shutoff system failures, activation of pressure relief devices, and loss of containment of liquids and gases. Furthermore, we have found failures by companies to implement their own recommendations from previous accidents involving, for example, leaks of flammable materials.”
- Dr. Rafael Moure-Eraso, Chairperson, US Chemical Safety Board



At SPAN, we understand that every business is unique, and that's why we offer tailored services designed to meet your specific needs. Our versatile range of services includes:

  • Gap Assessments
  • Pre- and Post-Acquisition Assessments
  • Management System Audits
  • Regulatory Compliance Audits
  • Targeted Program Evaluations/Audits
  • Assurance Program Assessment, Design, Implementation and Management

Our team of auditors are here to help you and your team work smarter and achieve rapid results. When you partner with SPAN, benefits include:  

  • Discovering where you have opportunities to improve productivity, quality and oversight, reduce costs, and drive growth
  • Aligning and integrating assurance activities across your organization
  • Identifying and eliminating low value or duplicated processes
  • Providing recommendations to redeploy resources pre- or post-acquisition
  • Incorporating and prioritizing operational risk, compliance and due diligence obligations
  • Ensuring responsibilities and accountabilities are clearly defined and that assurance quality is being achieved

Our Auditors are well versed in: 

  • Audit program standards, processes, procedures, training and competency requirements
  • Developing and delivering internal auditor training
  • Scoping, planning, scheduling, and estimating resources for annual audits
  • Providing oversight, support, and review of audit programs
  • Leading, coaching and supporting internal and external audit personnel

When you choose SPAN, you're investing in a team committed to your business's efficiency and success.




SPAN's risk-based and operational assurance approach is not just theoretical; it's grounded in real-world experience. SPAN's expertise has been cultivated over many years, shaped by our firsthand experience in leading internal audit groups and our delivery of audit and consulting services. Our methods are tried, tested, and proven, making us the trusted choice for results-driven assurance.    

The Right Approach

Assurance Image

SPAN has honed its approach to operational assurance into a practical and efficient model for companies to use. SPAN’s philosophy is that assurance must be seamlessly woven into day-to-day operations to unlock the greatest value - ensuring all inspection, monitoring, assessment, and audit activities are identified, managed and working effectively.  

SPAN offers a flexible approach to conducting Gap Assessments identifying any assurance gaps and verifying they get addressed as part of the program design and implementation. Critical assurance practices that already exist throughout the organization should be identified and tested for effectiveness at providing reliable assurance. 

At the top of the assurance pyramid is the formal audit program that provides independent and objective management system and compliance assurance. These activities are very resource intensive and SPAN ensures they are designed and implemented in the most efficient manner, and confirms they are providing the Board and Executive team with the assurance they need. When you choose SPAN, you're choosing assurance excellence.


The Right Experience

SPAN has decades of experience designing and implementing in-house assurance programs and conducting management system and compliance audits. Our team continuously learns and improves to stay at the forefront of emerging standards, regulations and techniques. Our clients benefit from our up-to-date learnings through the design and implementation of audit and assurance programs, auditor and specialist training, coaching, and other knowledge sharing activities.   


The Right Tools

SPAN has extensive experience working on assurance programs for clients. We have proven methods and tools to leverage, including: 

  • Best practices and templates for assurance programs
  • Procedures
  • Checklists
  • Audit Protocols
  • Concordance mappings between multiple sets of standards and regulations   

What sets SPAN apart from other consulting firms is our Octane software, a single source for all your requirements. Octane takes your compliance demands and seamlessly aligns them with your management system and programs, providing you with an instant visual of your system's compliance coverage. Click here to explore the unparalleled potential of Octane's requirement mapping capabilities and how they can revolutionize your success.

Our tested and proven methods including our built in approaches based on extensive experience, allows us to work more efficiently and get results faster, all while maintaining the highest quality standard of care. With SPAN, you're equipped with resources and expertise to drive your assurance programs to new heights.


Our assurance and audit services are flexible and efficient to cater to your needs. We have the right experience, approach, tools and certifications to enhance your assurance practices and help you drive continuous improvement.

Evan Baker, Assurance Practice Lead

What our clients say

"Our member companies were concerned that their information could be unsecure, and we were concerned we couldn't scale up our systems as our programs grow; we are solving both by implementing Octane."

VP Performance

Pipeline Association

"Thanks for all your help! I think [SPAN] did an excellent job and this was my best audit experience so far."

Supervisor, Leak Detection Systems

Midstream Pipeline Company

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