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Auditing and Assurance Regulatory

Elevate Your Compliance Journey with ISO 37301

ISO 14001, 9001 and 45001 are well known ISO standards in the compliance world, but what is ISO 37301? Join us while we explore the contents of the st...

Auditing and Assurance

What if there's more to audits than validating compliance?

The word “audit” can bring up a lot of feelings. Fear, apprehension, uncertainty - we get it. No one wants a visit from the Bobs. Audits are a thoroug...

Auditing and Assurance

Designing and Implementing a Custom Operational Audit Program

An operational audit program is not just a checkbox on a corporate to-do list; it is a lifeline that safeguards an organization's success and sustaina...

Programs and Processes

Evaluating and Enhancing a Risk Management Program

In the dynamic world of the energy industry, risk management plays a pivotal role in ensuring the success and sustainability of companies. With a vari...

Management System Business Case

Evaluating Management Systems for Long-Term Success

As businesses grow and evolve, it is crucial for them to constantly evaluate and improve their management systems to remain competitive and ensure lon...

Discover What's New in CSA Z662:23

Industry is no stranger to evolving standards and regulations, and in June 2023, the CSA Group released the ninth edition of CSA Z662 Oil and Gas Pipe...


Commentary - CER’s OPR "What We Heard Report"

The Canada Energy Regulator (CER) recently released its report on the first phase of engagement on improving the regulatory framework for onshore pipe...

Leadership and Governance

Designing an Effective Operations Policy or Commitment Statement

Are you struggling to create an effective Operations Policy or Commitment Statement for your operations? Look no further! We've got the ultimate guide...

Management System

Navigating Regulator Expectations and Management Systems

Have you ever experienced difficulty demonstrating compliance with the following?

Management System

Management System Implementation Made Easy

Implementing a Management System can be a daunting task.

Auditing and Assurance Control Room Management

Control Room Management

Are you prepared for a Control Room audit?

API RP 1173 Pipeline Safety Management System

2019 API Annual Report on Pipeline Safety Management Systems

This month, API released its 2019 Annual Report on Pipeline Safety Management Systems covering last year’s implementation progress across the industry...

Auditing and Assurance Whitepaper ISO 19011

White Paper: ISO 19011 - 2018 Management System Auditing: What's new and worth knowing?

Understanding changes to the 2018 edition of ISO 19011, the ISO guidelines for auditing Management Systems, and how to apply the standard in your orga...

API RP 1173 Pipeline Safety Management System Management System Business Case

A Business Case for Successful Management System Implementation

To implement a Management System, you need to learn what’s required to be successful, and how to avoid common failures. A carefully planned and well e...

API RP 1173 Pipeline Safety Management System

Top 10 Gap Assessment Best Practices

We have found that many companies struggle to conduct an effective gap assessment. This is the first stage in implementing a management system, and al...

API RP 1173 Pipeline Safety Management System Octane

A Simple Way To Implement API RP 1173 And Integrate Other Requirements

SPAN and its partner software Octane have developed innovative new software that allows you to show your Pipeline Safety Management System coverage an...

Introducing Octane Mapping - A new way to integrate and meet requirements

SPAN is pleased to announce the latest update for its Octane software. In this 5 minute video we give you a walk through of the mapping functionality ...

API RP 1173 Pipeline Safety Management System Business Case

White Paper: Implementing API RP 1173 - How To Get Started

SPAN has written a white paper explaining the basics of starting your API RP 1173 implementation journey. Implementing a Pipeline Safety Management Sy...