on December 07, 2023 Auditing and Assurance

Designing and Implementing a Custom Operational Audit Program

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An operational audit program is not just a checkbox on a corporate to-do list; it is a lifeline that safeguards an organization's success and sustainability. 

The risks of an inefficient or absent audit program extend beyond financial losses and compliance violations; it may threaten an organization's existence. By neglecting internal audits, organizations are exposed to poor governance, operational inefficiencies, and the potential loss of stakeholder trust. 

Embracing a comprehensive, yet fit-for-purpose assurance program, coupled with diligent execution, empowers organizations to identify vulnerabilities, seize growth opportunities, and strengthen stakeholder confidence. Investing in these critical elements ensures an organization's ability to navigate the ever-changing business landscape and forge a path towards a thriving and sustainable future.

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Heather Donaldson

Heather is an Environmental Professional (EP) with expertise in environmental assessments, project management and technical communications. She has worked on commercial, industrial, pipeline, midstream and upstream oil & gas projects throughout Western Canada.