Designing and implementing Processes and Programs can be complex and costly. SPAN helps you achieve success the first time.

We’ll help you design and implement technical programs, working closely with your team to effectively communicate change and facilitate buy-in. SPAN can help you:



Whether you have an existing program, need to build one, or aren’t sure where to start – SPAN can help. We offer program reviews to ensure all internal and external requirements are met. SPAN offers concordance mapping against relevant regulatory requirements and offers fulsome regulatory reviews to confirm you are meeting all your commitments.

We have helped clients both build successful programs from scratch and also improve existing programs by providing specific solutions that work for their business.

We have observed that incidents are often in the gap between organizational policy and practice. A program or process assessment can help close these gaps – and as a result, reduce the potential for incidents. Program or process assessments help improve all areas of your business by ensuring alignment, clarity and consistency within your teams through a review of key documents, a review of root causes for incidents or failures, and confirmation that the right resources are in place. 

SPAN’s proven 4-step implementation strategy will help you successfully implement and embed programs into your operations. 





Achieving your organization’s goals is a journey. We help you build an effective strategy which drives the change needed to succeed.

SPAN can help you establish and embed processes to foster continuous improvement and achieve your vision. We can help you:

  • Set direction with annual objectives and targets
  • Effectively cascade goals through the organization, ensuring everyone has a clear understanding of how they are contributing through coaching 
  • Set up effective performance metrics, allowing you to measure progress made to date and projected future progress
  • Implement an annual management review process to make informed decisions and identify any new or completed corrective actions  


SPAN also provides audit services to compare how your achievements align with your existing objectives. Learn more here: Audits and Assurance.



We are in the business of prevention, though we recognize we are often blind to the next incident or safety concern. SPAN can help you review and interpret trends to predict potential safety concerns and integrate feedback to prevent them before they happen. 

We can also help determine whether risk is assessed uniformly throughout your organization and how effective your existing controls are performing. We have seen different risk matrices used at organizations for different tasks, making it challenging to assess risk consistently and offer valuable comparisons. SPAN can help you develop a uniform risk matrix that can be used across your operations, to enable consistency and decrease confusion.

SPAN also offers controls effectiveness assessments so you can gauge where controls are effective and where there are areas for improvement. 




Implementing a new program and having trouble getting buy in and managing the change? SPAN can help. We understand that change is an ongoing process, and we’re here to support you as you move through it. Our approach to change management is quick to implement, efficient and collaborative. Working closely with you and your teams, we identify gaps in knowledge, identify and manage the uncertainty with your stakeholders, and design training to increase knowledge and buy-in for the changes you’re initiating.

SPAN’s team of subject matter experts have provided training for clients in the following areas:

  • Internal auditing and assessment
  • External auditing and assessment
  • Asset delivery frameworks 
  • Leadership and governance
  • Change management 

Whether it is through workshops or one-on-one coaching sessions, our consultants provide tailored training and support with stakeholder communications, leadership and governance and more.




SPAN has the expertise to support the implementation of many programs including:

Program Design and Implementation Driving Performance Improvement

  • Health & safety
  • Environment
  • Regulatory
  • Hazard and risk management
  • Asset integrity and process safety
  • Construction safety management
  • Incident management
  • Corrective action management
  • Audits and assurance
  • Emergency management
  • Control room management
  • Damage prevention
  • Security
  • Asset integrity



Continuous improvement that carries its momentum is critical to reaching the business performance you want, and keep it. Successful process and program design and implementation is key to achieving this.

James Ullyott, Managing Director

What our clients say

"Thanks for all your help!  I think [SPAN] did an excellent job and this was my best audit experience so far."

Supervisor, Leak Detection Systems

Midstream Pipeline Company

"Our member companies were concerned that their information could be unsecure, and we were concerned we couldn't scale up our systems as our programs grow; we are solving both by implementing Octane."

VP Performance

Pipeline Association

Case studies and resources

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The complexity of requirements for Control Room Management can make preparing for a Control Room Audit challenging.

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Pipeline Industry Improving Performance with Octane software

CEPA has successfully implemented its performance indicator and Integrity First programs into Octane’s secure web-based application. It has enabled significant improvements in how CEPA uses data to understand industry performance and prioritize improvement efforts. 

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A sample of our specialists

Thomas Lofthouse

Senior Consultant

Thomas Lofthouse

Senior Consultant

Thomas Lofthouse - Assurance Specialist, Program Design Lead, Senior Consultant


Thomas is an operational risk and assurance specialist and a certified lead auditor. He has led and/or participated in hundreds of audits of varying scale, scope and complexity in pipeline, midstream and upstream oil & gas, mining, manufacturing, power generation and major construction projects across North America.


Thomas has managed assurance programs for several high-risk multi-national organizations and supported the implementation of management systems in many organizations. He alleviates the pressure of audits and focuses on uncovering hidden value within organizations to help them improve.


James Ullyott

Managing Director | Senior Consultant

James Ullyott

Managing Director | Senior Consultant

James Ullyott - Management System Practice Lead, Senior Consultant


James is SPAN’s Managing Director and a management system design and implementation expert. He has experience in upstream and midstream oil and gas, forest products, and other high-risk industries.


James has completed multiple large- and medium-scale management system designs and implementations for clients in these industries. He has led and participated in multi-disciplinary teams that supported management system assessments, reviews, improvement and sustainment.


James approaches business problems from a technical perspective and has a passion for ensuring the solution is practical, fits the business environment, and produces defined business value.

Evan Baker

Assurance Practice Lead | Senior Consultant

Evan Baker

Assurance Practice Lead | Senior Consultant

Evan Baker - Assurance Practice Lead, Senior Consultant 


Evan is SPAN’s Assurance Practice Lead, specializing in environmental, regulatory and assurance systems. He has worked in upstream and midstream oil and gas, pipelines, utilities, water and wastewater plants, rail, power plants, wind energy, and other high-risk industries in Canada, the US, Europe and South America.


Evan has extensive experience conducting EHS and other operational and management system audits and gap assessments, and developing and managing audit and assurance programs, management systems, environmental impact assessments and applications, and leading environmental teams, programs and projects.

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