on November 30, 2023 Management System Business Case

Evaluating Management Systems for Long-Term Success

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As businesses grow and evolve, it is crucial for them to constantly evaluate and improve their management systems to remain competitive and ensure long-term success. A management system assessment provides an opportunity to identify strengths and weaknesses within the organization's current management practices, while peer benchmarking allows for a comparison with other companies in the industry to determine best practices and areas for improvement. A 5-year implementation plan helps guide the organization towards achieving its goals.

In this case study, we will explore a company's management system assessment, peer benchmarking, and a 5-year implementation plan. The company, a Canadian oil and gas operator, recognized there were gaps in their existing management system but these were not consolidated, leaving the client unsure of where to start in order to fix the system. They recognized the need to review and improve their management systems to address these issues.

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Heather Donaldson

Heather is an Environmental Professional (EP) with expertise in environmental assessments, project management and technical communications. She has worked on commercial, industrial, pipeline, midstream and upstream oil & gas projects throughout Western Canada.