on September 11, 2019 Auditing and Assurance Whitepaper ISO 19011

White Paper: ISO 19011 - 2018 Management System Auditing: What's new and worth knowing?

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Understanding changes to the 2018 edition of ISO 19011, the ISO guidelines for auditing Management Systems, and how to apply the standard in your organization.

The ISO 19011 Guidelines for auditing management systems has become the widely accepted standard for auditing not only management systems, but operational auditing in general. The newest edition of the standard, released in July 2018, has some important changes based on the experience gained from implementation of past editions.

This SPAN update explores a few of those changes, and also highlights some important considerations that have not changed from previous editions of the standard.

  • Addition of the risk-based approach to the principles of auditing;

  • expansion of the guidance on managing an audit program;

  • expansion of requirements for auditor competence and evaluation;

  • expansion of Annex A to provide additional guidance on auditing new concepts such as organization context, leadership and commitment, virtual audits, compliance and supply chain,

  • removal of the annex containing competence requirements for auditing specific management system disciplines as it is not practical to provide for every management system standard and discipline, and

  • other minor changes to terminology and structure to support the new guidance document and processes.



Evan Baker

An Environmental, Regulatory and Assurance Systems specialist with 30 years experience developing and managing audit and assurance programs, management systems, environmental impact assessments and applications, and leading environmental teams, programs and projects. His work has included oil and gas, pipelines, water and wastewater plants, rail, power plants, wind energy, and chemical industries in Canada, the US, Europe and South America.