Having a detailed list of activities and timelines to implement your MS gives everyone visibility into what's needed


Operator Challenge

Are you grappling with the challenge of navigating the activities required to implement and sustain your Management System (MS)? You're not alone. Many operators find themselves in the dark about which activities to undertake each month and year, creating a maze of trial and error that leads to wasted time and resources. Regulations often hint at the "what" but leave the "how often" and "in what order" up to operators, adding to the confusion.


What do I do next and where do I start?

Enter Bill from our story on Leadership Commitment unsure about the next steps post-Gap Assessment. "Should I prioritize employee training, define roles and responsibilities, or dive into risk assessments, inspections, compliance evaluations, management reviews, lessons learned...?" Bill questioned.


A great Management System is designed and implemented in a series of well-defined steps and activities

SPAN makes it easy with our MS Activity Calendar, included in the SPAN MS Toolkit. Tailored to our proven 4-Stage MS Implementation Process, this calendar provides Bill—and you—with a detailed list of recommended activities and processes. It's not just a calendar; it's your roadmap to a repeatable cycle of activities that implement key MS components, generating immediate results and setting the stage for sustained continuous improvement.

The MS Activity Calendar includes everything you need.

The calendar, along with the other components of the MS Toolkit, is designed to enable full conformance as soon as possible. Completion of the calendar activities themselves directly achieves many requirements within the MS Elements of Leadership and Management Commitment, Safety Assurance (including Evaluation of MS Maturity), Management Review and Continuous Improvement, and Competence, Awareness and Training. The sequenced schedule within the calendar is designed to maximize value, strategically planning activities for gaining leadership commitment, engaging in employee communications and training, and executing ongoing MS activities such as assessments, gap management, corrective actions, and management review.

Why is the MS Activity Calendar important? It provides you, just like Bill, with a project plan, identifying critical tasks throughout the year for a successful and sustained management system. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to a streamlined path to MS excellence!