Program Implementation

successfully Implementing Programs in TODAY’S ORGANIZATIONS is COMPLEX and costly, especially when done incorrectly. SPAN helps you achieve success the first time. 

SPAN has successfully designed and implemented technical programs into organizations that were struggling to get traction and buy-in from employees. Our approach to implementation is simple, determine the objectives and specific needs of the organization, and then work within those constraints and build momentum and confidence to achieve what's required. 

SPAN uses a combination of program design methods, change management and communication techniques, and good old fashioned project management tailored to the organization.

In addition to complete management systems, programs we have successfully implemented include:

  • Health & Safety, Environment and Regulatory
  • Hazard and Risk Management
  • Asset Integrity and Process Safety Management
  • Construction Safety Management
  • Incident Management and Corrective Action Management
  • Assessments, Audits and Assurance
Audit and Assurance Services