Demonstrating performance and improvement is key to sustaining Leadership commitment

Operator Challenge

Operators struggle to decide what tools they can use to easily walk them through the steps of Pipeline SMS implementation, capture assessment data and provide ways to demonstrate and report on PSMS results and overall performance.

Joey, the Pipeline Operations Superintendent we mentioned in our story on the Pipeline SMS Manual had this problem. "The spreadsheet just isn't doing the job! My team isn't getting their gaps closed, I'm losing data and I can't easily report to management."

Not having a purpose-built software tool slows down implementation and costs you time and money

Joey's company currently was not buying new software as they had been burned with bad purchases in the past. The message they got was to use Excel or have their IT department design something custom for them in SharePoint, or as a last resort, consider using their maintenance management system.

Joey's team spent 6 months evaluating and trialing different options, which took valuable time and resources away from the core of the Pipeline SMS project. They found that using Excel would mean hiring two new analysts to manage data, and SharePoint or other systems were going to cost hundreds of thousands in development and maintenance. There are many ways a Pipeline SMS can fail and Joey didn't need his software being one of them. 


Spend your time and money on achieving Zero Incidents, not worrying about inefficient data management and reporting


We provided Joey's team with Octane, a proven, easy to use, secure and integrated management system software tool. Based in the cloud, therefore only  only requiring a browser and internet connection, this is arguably the most valuable tool in the Pipeline SMS Toolkit and we were proud to share our years of design and development with our customers. Using Octane resulted in immediate results for Joey's team and improved Leadership commitment. From day one of using Octane, Joey and his team were able to capture assessment results, track actions and report progress in real time - all at the click of a button. 


Why is software so important?

Pipeline SMS data is highly sensitive and material in nature; you are uncovering risks and deficiencies in your operation. On one side this is a proactive and necessary approach to improving, but in the wrong hands this data could gives your competitors and stakeholders ammunition against you; it must be protected. 

The volume of data can also get out of control quickly. Failing to be able to monitor performance can hinder momentum, confuse Leaders and ultimately make it very difficult to report results. Managing data with Octane in the Pipeline SMS Toolkit manages many thousands of data points like assessment observations, gaps, actions, maturity scores, action status, priority levels need to be captured, integrated and reported to demonstrate Pipeline SMS performance and improvement.


Make it easy and safe

Octane manages the Pipeline SMS implementation workflow and helps you keep your valuable information organized, secure and integrated; so you can report performance at any time. Joey's team can now forget about inefficient data in spreadsheets and focus on making their Pipeline SMS better, reporting faster to Leaders, and achieving zero incidents. 


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