Historical MS data is highly sensitive and needs to be protected in a secure environment now and for the future

Operator Challenge

Are you grappling with the challenge of preserving and protecting your historical Management System (MS) data? It's a common headache for operators like Mary, the Regulatory Director in our story on aligning with regulations. Mary faced a daunting task—deciding how to handle existing audit and assessment data related to their MS, all while navigating the pitfalls of sensitive information stored in spreadsheets and shared drives.

Very sensitive data in spreadsheets, being emailed around and stored on shared drives

Mary's experience was a cautionary tale. Highly sensitive data was circulated through emails, stored on shared drives and SharePoint without adequate access controls. It could be easily downloaded and emailed. Mary did a test and discovered some of the data had even been emailed to employee home email accounts to be worked on. 

Mary also found gaps and actions identified in audits had been forgotten. The fallout was inevitable. Forgotten gaps and actions from audits resulted in a formal citation, a fine, and public disclosure of noncompliance. Leaders were displeased, and Mary found herself fielding difficult questions.


Migrating historical data into a secure system mitigates your risk and accelerates continuous improvement 


Mary started using Octane, and transformed how she managed their assessment and audit data. Octane became the home for their assessment and audit data, ensuring an accurate historical record of activities, visibility into outstanding gaps and actions, and easy tracking and updating. Octane not only mitigated risks but also accelerated continuous improvement.

Real-time access to reports and analytics became the norm for Mary's team. Leaders, armed with Octane's security provisions, could make informed decisions on regulatory and continuous improvement actions. Permissions ensured that only authorized personnel had access, and every interaction was meticulously tracked. Audit and assessment data found a safe haven, locked away and securely stored.  

Audit and assessment data is now safe and accessible

The once-vulnerable metadata generated from audits and assessments was now easily tracked and maintained. Octane's mapping, reports, and dashboards provided instant insights into how existing data integrated, demonstrating conformance to regulations. Now, with all data centralized, Mary and her team effortlessly manage, track, and report on implementation progress, showcasing continuous improvement with a simple click.

Ready to safeguard your management system data?