Historical Pipeline SMS data is highly sensitive and needs to be protected in a secure environment now and for the future

Operator Challenge

A common problem for operators is deciding what to do with existing audit and assessment data related to their Pipeline SMS. Mary, the Regulatory Director from our story on aligning with regulations, had this problem. She had data from previous Pipeline SMS Gap Assessments and regulatory audits of their pipeline operations.


Very sensitive data in spreadsheets, being emailed around and stored on shared drives

Mary's data is highly sensitive and material in nature. It was being stored on the shared drive and in SharePoint without adequate access controls. It could also be easily downloaded and emailed. Mary did a test and found some of the data had even been emailed to employee home email accounts to be worked on.

Mary also found gaps and actions identified in audits had been forgotten. Then the unthinkable happened; a regulator wanted to see records demonstrating compliance improvement and Mary and her team were scrambling to put something together. The spreadsheet was found - it was out of date and very little progress had been made on the actions; it had basically been forgotten. This earned the company a formal citation, fine, and public disclosure of noncompliance. Leaders were not happy and had lots of difficult questions for Mary and her team. 


Migrating historical data into a secure system mitigates your risk and accelerates continuous improvement 

Mary started using Octane software to manage their assessment and audit data. This enabled them to keep an accurate historical record of previous activities and bring visibility to outstanding gaps and actions. They were able to easily review and update the data and show historical performance improvement. Going forward they can store new assessment and audit data and report on performance improvement over time.


Real time access to reports and analytics

Leaders are able to access real time reports and analytics to support decision making on important regulatory and continuous improvement actions. Octane's security provisions and permissions means only the right people can see and access the data and all access is tracked. The information is locked away and securely stored.  


Audit and assessment data is now safe and accessible

Implementing Octane as part of the Pipeline SMS Toolkit was a huge win for Mary and her team. All the sensitive and important metadata generated from audits and assessments could now be easily tracked and maintained. She was also able to instantly see how existing data is integrated through Octane’s mapping, reports and dashboards and how conformance to API RP1173 and related regulations were being achieved. Now the data is all in one place so Mary and her team can manage, track and report on implementation progress and demonstrate continuous improvement at the click of a button.


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