on March 14, 2019 API RP 1173 Pipeline Safety Management System Octane

A Simple Way To Implement API RP 1173 And Integrate Other Requirements

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SPAN and its partner software Octane have developed innovative new software that allows you to show your Pipeline Safety Management System coverage and performance against all regulations and standards you need to meet. 

How is that possible you may ask?  WITH OCTANE MAPPING. 

DOWNLOAD THE OCTANE MAPPING FACTSHEET for more information on this innovative new product!

Alex Eddington

Alex has spent his career of over twenty years designing, implementing and auditing management systems in pipelines, midstream and upstream oil and gas, along with utilities and municipal operations. Alex has led the design and implementation of multiple Pipeline Safety Management System and Operations Management System implementations and supporting processes such as risk management, regulatory management, Health & Safety, Asset Integrity, Process Safety and Safety Culture to name a few. Alex is also a certified management system auditor and typically supports most SPAN projects as a technical expert and advisor.