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Top 10 Gap Assessment Best Practices

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We have found that many companies struggle to conduct an effective gap assessment. This is the first stage in implementing a management system, and although on the surface a gap assessment might seem like an easy thing to do, it is often a difficult process to get started. Success at this stage is imperative in order to build momentum and leadership commitment.

We have created a list of best practices for you to consider when planning a gap assessment. This is especially beneficial for companies just starting out, but is also important for more mature companies to consider for ongoing assessment activities and is applicable across different jurisdictions and industries. 

Here is the list of best practices. Download the Gap Assessment Best Practices here and share with others in your organization.


Top 10 Gap Assessment Best Practices

1.   Clearly define your goal for the gap assessment

2.   Engage and train your Leadership Team

3.   Build ownership with key managers and technical personnel

4.   Plan your gap assessment carefully

5.   Don’t go too deep for the first assessment

6.   Assess “how” you will implement

7.   Be consistent when interviewing and writing results

8.   It’s OK to identify lots of gaps

9.   Prioritize your implementation plan with Leadership and assign actions

10. Start implementing right away!

Alex Eddington

Alex has spent his career of over twenty years designing, implementing and auditing management systems in pipelines, midstream and upstream oil and gas, along with utilities and municipal operations. Alex has led the design and implementation of multiple Pipeline Safety Management System and Operations Management System implementations and supporting processes such as risk management, regulatory management, Health & Safety, Asset Integrity, Process Safety and Safety Culture to name a few. Alex is also a certified management system auditor and typically supports most SPAN projects as a technical expert and advisor.