on August 21, 2017 API RP 1173 Pipeline Safety Management System Octane

Case Study - Plains All American Uses Octane For Management System Assessments

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PAA Case Study

Octane accelerates implementation of Operations Management System based on API RP 1173

PAA embarked on the implementation of an Operations Management System (OMS) in 2015 in response to in internal desire to improve operations and the publication of a new API recommended practice for Pipeline Safety Management Systems (API RP 1173). As the design was being completed, PAA initiated a search for a software solution to support both the validation of their new management system framework, and their management system implementation activities.

“I'm glad we have Octane. I can't imagine doing these assessments with a spreadsheet.” - Mark Gorman, Executive Vice-President, Plains All American Pipeline

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Bring your Management System to life with Octane

The below video demonstrates how Octane can be used to enable your Management System and improve performance and collaboration in record time.

Introducing OctaneSee Video


Scott Wilson

Twenty years of experience in the program/project management and management consulting fields, specializing in designing & executing large scale programs with challenging change management and culture aspects. Scott has led multiple large scale OMS implementations and has structured high performance service teams to sustain management systems. Sectors include Midstream and Upstream Oil & Gas, Mining, Telecom, Information Technology and Utilities.