Having a framework of common topics mapped to relevant regulations and standards keeps things simple 


Operator Challenge

Meet Mary, the Regulatory Director for a mid-size company, set out to create a user-friendly Management System that addresses the complexity created by multiple regulations and industry recommended practices they needed to meet. When Mary started digging into the regulations her company need to comply with, she realized there were hundreds of requirements. Based on the sheer number and relationships between them, it felt like an impossible task. "Try writing that into a manual", she thought!

Finding a Solution that Works

While many companies choose to adopt industry standards and recommended practices such as ISO 14001 or CSA Z662, they soon realize that the extensive list prompts the need for grouping under common, business-centric topics. Our MS Toolkit offers Mary a pre-mapped Framework aligned with standards, containing Elements covering regulations, practices, and standards. Organized by typical activities and processes, the Framework, integrated into Octane software, allows customization and mapping edits. As new regulations and standards emerge, they can be added at any time.


Being able to show both conformance to regulations and alignment with existing company processes is key

Because the various elements and requirements are mapped to the framework, Mary can now showcase the integration and conformity in the business. The newfound clarity revealed what aligns with the MS Framework and identifies areas for improvement, refining previous gap assessments. 


Why is the Framework important?

It's about simplicity and adaptability.

Picture this: straightforward language that seamlessly aligns with your organization's culture and terminology. The simplicity of this Framework and the MS Toolkit helps yield superior implementation and assessment results elevating the value of your MS performance reporting. This approach provides you with an excellent generic starting point with a templated set of Elements and Expectations that then map to regulations to provide the detailed requirements. In a landscape filled with details and complexity, the SPAN MS Toolkit is your ally, directing your attention to what truly matters, preventing you from getting lost in the weeds.  

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